Popup width on mobile

I am having trouble when I load a desktop page on a mobile device with pop-width. I’m viewing the page as mobile through the dev console. I can set the width of the popup and it works when rendered as a desktop page, but when mobile, it sets the width to 35em every time, ignoring the set width in the composer and custom css I have tried. Any ideas?

Hi Craig I’m not able to reproduce that. Which version of Skuid are you working on? Which browser are you using? How is the popup opened?

Jannik, I was running on Skuid version 8.13. I found the issue though. Changing the width via the page composer was not changing it in the XML. I’m not sure exactly why it was doing that, but I would set the width to 50% and the XML would still say 35em. I was able to edit it directly in the XML which worked.