Popup Row Action - Display/Edit Values for a Row's Parent Record

Can a popup row action display editable fields from that row’s parent model, or does it just go downstream? ex) I have no problem creating a table of Projects and popup actions that show related lists/details from related child records (“show me all of the Resource Requests on Project A”)… but - can I create a table of Resource Requests and a popup action that shows (and allows for editing) details from the Project (the Resource Request’s parent record)? (“I want to edit the start and end date of the Project this Resource Request is for”)

I’ve gone upstream like that Kaede.  You should be able to get it to work. 

Kaede, As a way to pinpoint where you’re having the problem… temporarily put the parent fields you want to edit into the row (you may have to add them to the table’s model). See if you can edit them when they’re not in a popup.

Kaede, you’d just need another model for that data. As far as relating it within the popup, Skuid will look for the linkage, so as long as you include the field in both models that relates the two objects, it should work fine.