Popup for each record field

I have a table component in my page. In this table component, I have a field called “Launch”… The goal is that for each record, in a launch field instead of providing “URL” which will redirect page, I want to use popup dialogue box. Fundamentally each record consists of different kinds of metadata including and an unique form.

How can I achieve ths?


hmmmm … you’ll a custom field renderer for that. Part of the snippet for this you’ll use this  skuid.utils.createPopupFromPopupXML.

I’ve done something similar in this post.

Can you just use a row action?  This would give you a number of options including popup and drawer.

Row action allows to use the same action such as same popup (and other action) for a page.  For example, if my page is Organization List, I can only show organization wizard or popup.  My use case has different types of records, and based on a type of a record, I would like to launch a context (record) specific popup form.  

Oh! Ok. Then you could use conditional rendering for the row actions. Make one for each type of record.

Yup, that’s what I’d say. 

If you go custom renderer route you could have “if statements” that create different popups based on some data.  And then in the popup just call page includes so you can keep your definition in Skuid Builder.