Populating values in a URL from a table

I would like to select records from a table and then use the mass action option to redirect to another skuid page where I can view information on the different records selected on a single page. The problem that I am having is that I can’t pass any information through the URL from the mass action option and even if I could, how would I set up a model on the new page to capture this information? I don’t think that I would be able to use a pop up either. Any ideas of how I could do this?


You can accomplish what you’re looking for with a condition and a popup.

Add condition to your model where the Id field can be multiple specified values. Leave the values blank, and make the condition filterable default off.

Set your mass action to “Run multiple actions.”

  1. Activate and set value of you condition. Set it to {{Id}}.
  2. Show popup.
Configure your popup with a field editor on the model.


Every row you select will get its own field editor in the popup.

Cool! Haven’t done anything like that yet. Could do table component as well this way.

I haven’t done this before either. It was one of those “I bet you could…”
And it worked.

That’s what I LOVE about Skuid!!! Constant puzzles.

What I love is that you guys are finding use cases that even we hadn’t thought of… 

Thanks for the reply! This is a great solution, however, I would like to view them in columns side by side rather than horizontal. Right now the way more records load is that they stack on each other. This might not be possible at this point, but thank you for the response!

Turn your screen sideways.


We’ve messed with a “sideways table view”  but haven’t gotten anything that we feel merits publication.  The Table component can have a custom view - which opens it up to Javascript where you can define this changed axis.  This is possible. 


You could apply some CSS to the field editor on your popup, to limit their width and arrange them in rows. I’m pretty sure I saw a post on here at some point explaining how to do that.

Here is that post.

This is great! Thank you!