Populate data from one page to another page(using popup)


we are working on one skuid page, there is a requirement that one click of button it will open another page/popup, this page will have integration with external web service and getting the multiple search result from external web service.

Let’s say that we are using table components to store that search result on page and on selection of button/radio button of individual search result, it should close the current popup and populate that data back to parent(which was opened previously) page. 

we are just looking for high level approach that, on selection of any row in table, how can we close the popup and send data to previous page. 

Thanks in advance ! 

I’m assuming that you will be using our Javascript API to build a model on the fly with the results of the external webservice call.  (Look here ).   This model in turn can be bound to the table you have in your popup. 

Then on the table you can build a row action that updates the row of model in your underlying page and closes the popup. 

Should work fine.