pop up window not working Uncaught TypeError: this.isSelected is not a function

I have a Navigation item in a master page heading that is supposed to open a pop-up window. But it doesn’t open, even if I preview just the Master Page.

I get this error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: this.isSelected is not a function(anonymous function) @ runtime.js:3o.extend.each @ skuid__JQuery:2d @ runtime.js:3o.getSelectedItem @ runtime.js:3d.getSelectedItem @ runtime.js:3o.select @ runtime.js:3f.select @ runtime.js:3(anonymous function) @ runtime.js:3o.event.dispatch @ skuid__JQuery:3r.handle @ skuid__JQuery:3

Any ideas? This is for a public facing page, but it gets the same error whether I preview in our Salesforce Org or on the Force.com Sites page.


Any chance that Navigation Item is conditionally rendered away at first? If so, this sounds like a known bug that should be patched in the next Banzai update.

So, there wasn’t any conditional rendering, but I think there may have been at one point. I went ahead and added conditional rendering, saved, then took it away, saved again, and now it works! Thanks