Picklist Values not recognized in Action Framework and Exports - Spark 12.0.7 V1

Picklist Values are not showing up in Action Framework using the ‘Update Rows’ action when specifying the value to update to, and not able to type a value in either.

Picklist Values are not being included in table exports anymore.  Shows blank columns in csv

Spark 12.0.7 V1

Just found a solution to this.   In Salesforce Setup:  SchemaSettings>>ManageListCustomSettings>>Enable List as a Setting Type Option should be enabled.


Thanks for reporting the solution.  I’ll explore whether this has been a change in the SFCD configuration,  or a change on our end.  We’ve always supported the use of custom metadata,  but should document if this particular setting needs to be enabled in order to use the metadata in picklist values in skuid. 

I have made the change recommended by Ann.  My picklist is still empty.