Picklist values for custom component

I have really been getting into custom components and I’ve been building some fun stuff! Question: I have some builder code that looks like this:

//this is the Message Center custom component builder.registerBuilder(new builder.Builder({
id : 'messagecenter',
name : 'Message Center',
icon : 'ui-silk-error',
description : 'Custom component to show Messages',
hideFromComponentsList : false,
componentRenderer : function(component) {
component.header.text('Message Center');
propertiesRenderer : function(propertiesObj,component) {
propertiesObj.setHeaderText('Message Center');
var propsList = [{
id : 'selecteddivs',
type : 'picklist',
label : 'Select message centers'
defaultStateGenerator : function(){
return skuid.utils.makeXMLDoc('<messagecenter />');

I would like to be able to specify what the picklist options should be for my “selecteddivs” property. I’m assuming it’s something like:

options = {

How do I do that? Also ideally I would like to render as a multi-select picklist. Is that possible on the builder side? How can I add options for that as well?

Note: we recognize no documentation exists on this yet — but we’ve got some “top men” working on it — and that does not mean what it did for Indiana Jones :slight_smile: Soon, soon!

To specify the options for a picklist property, use the picklistEntries property.

{<br />&nbsp; id : 'selecteddivs',<br /><b>&nbsp; type : 'picklist',<br /></b>&nbsp; label : 'Select message centers',<br /><b>&nbsp; picklistEntries: [<br /></b><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; { value: 'one', label: 'Message center One' },<br /></b><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; { value: 'two', label: 'Message center Two' },<br /></b><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; { value: 'three', label: 'Message center Three' }<br /></b><b>&nbsp; ]<br /></b>}

To do a Multi-picklist property, just change type from picklistto multipicklist. The selected values will be stored in a single attribute, comma-separated, e.g. selecteddivs=“one,two”

Thanks Zach but just to be clear, how would I do a multiselect picklist?

  id : ‘selecteddivs’,
  type : ‘multipicklist’,
  label : ‘Select message centers’,
  picklistEntries: selecteddivs

I just don’t get how to set up the entries…

Here’s how to do a Multi-select Picklist:

{<br>&nbsp; id : 'selecteddivs',<br><b>&nbsp; type : 'multipicklist',<br></b>&nbsp; label : 'Select message centers',<br><b>&nbsp; picklistEntries: [<br></b><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; { value: 'one', label: 'Message center One' },<br></b><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; { value: 'two', label: 'Message center Two' },<br></b><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; { value: 'three', label: 'Message center Three' }<br></b><b>&nbsp; ]<br></b>}