Picklist values are not displaying

This morning a picklist field on a calendar page stopped displaying the value options. I haven’t changed the metadata in SF and I haven’t updated the page since 12/22. Any ideas of what has happened?

As it turns out, the behavior began on the 31st after I installed SuperBank on the 30th.

Does anyone have an idea of issues with SuperBank that may be causing this?

Griffin,  would you mind granting us login rights so we can check this out.  If it really is coincident with the superbank release installation - we would be pretty concerned. 


Hey Rob - I have granted access to Skuidify. I’m curious to see what you find.

This issue is greatly affecting our workflow, and I don’t have a good workaround for the time being. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have any idea how long it could take to resolve?

We are troubleshooting,  but have not been able to reproduce in our our own org’s dependent picklists.  We will continue to look at this. 

It’s fixed! Thanks!!!


Hello Griffin,

There are some picklists that show the values and others that do not. How did you solve the picklist issue? I am using the latest skuid version for my org.


Namrata - are the ones that don’t show dependent picklists?  Have they recently changed?  Can you give us more details? 

I believe either I made one small change to the page and saved it or some higher power granted me mercy

No they are not dependent picklist. These picklist work fine in another org, but I have installed the newest skuid and have upgraded our product in a new salesforce org. The picklists don’t work in the new org.

Are you sure the picklist metadata got brought over into the new org?  Can you see them in standard layouts?  Do you have rights to see them? 

Hello Rob,

Got caught up in other work and could not answer your questions. Yes, I can see the fields in the standard layouts. So picklist problem happens when the UI is changed to SKUID UI. Yes, I have rights to see the picklists… Appreciate your help and suggestions to solve this issue.

Can you post a screenshot of the field properties from the model (click on the field name in the model and send picture of the properties panel)  and the properties from the table column,  or field editor field where you are trying to show this picklist field.