Picklist values are not Active in multipicklist despite using 'Active : true'

I want some of the values in multipicklist to be active and some inactive .But its not happening .I have attached the code .Every value is being  inactive.

 var matchedStates = getMatch(tempSplit, applicableStatesSplit);
    var unMatchedStates = getDiff(tempSplit, applicableStatesSplit);
    for(i = 0; i < (matchedStates.length)  ; i++) 
    console.log('MatchedStates ’ +matchedStates.length);
    //.log('unMatchedStates ’ +unMatchedStates.length);
active: true,
defaultValue: false,
    label : matchedStates[i],
value : matchedStates[i] });

    for(i = 0; i < (unMatchedStates.length)  ; i++) 
    //console.log('MatchedStates ’ +unMatchedStates.length);
    console.log('unMatchedStates ’ +unMatchedStates.length);
active: false,
defaultValue: false,
   label : unMatchedStates[i],
value : unMatchedStates[i] });


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Hi Karthik, we checked your post and a couple of questions came up:

1. Which Skuid version do you currently use?
2. What do you mean by “everything is inactive”, maybe you could share a screenshot?
3. How are you implementing your snippet? Maybe you could create a simple repro page with standard objects/fields and share the XML here.