picklist value selected on Skuid page not recognized for use in formula.

we have a static resource you built for us that we have to update when our picklist value changes.  we have done that but it appears that a value we are selecting on our Skuid page is not matching to the value we expect and so a formula field is not picking it up correctly.  can you assist?

We can certainly take a look.  But I’d double check the formula to be sure the picklist value it is looking for is exactly what is allowed in the field metadata.  

I've isolated the problem to Skuid, since the formula field works correctly on a standard Salesforce page.

Ok.  Then can you give us login rights (mabye to sandbox) and send us an email with the specific steps to reproduce the issue?  Thanks…

Hi, guys.  Any update on this issue?

Have you been able to find anything?  The formula field is used for case routing and it's calculation error is creating handling issues