Picklist Value Limit?

Is there a limit to the amount of values that can be in a picklist on the Field Editor? I have a picklist showing the names of records and I am seeing a list of 50 out of a possible 56 records.    (I have confirmed that this is not an issue with model conditions.)

If there is a limit, can I increase?

I’m guessing that this is a Reference field rendered as a Picklist, correct? If so, then the way to avoid this is to use a Model as the source for your Reference field’s options, rather than using “Automatic”, where Skuid is dynamically creating a Model that has is ordered by Name and has a limit of 50 records.

So for example if you are showing a list of Products, create a Model on the Product object called “Products”. Remove the limit on the number of records this Model can have, and order it by whatever fields you want. Add in at least the Name field to the Model. Then go back to your Reference field, and go to the Search/Advanced properties section in the Field’s properties (“Search” as of Skuid Summer 14 release), and change “Option Source” to Model, then set “Option Model” to your Model, e.g. Products.