Picklist translation

I’m using picklist as a grouping field in charts. Does anyone know why they are not translated? 

(I added translations in translation workbench in SF)


I am able to reproduce this and will bring this to the attention of the devs. Thanks for letting us know of this bug!


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Any idea why?

Hi, we’re also experiencing issues with grouped fields not being translated… however the Skuid version we’re running on is 10.0.4

Has this been addressed in a later Skuid release?


Hi, the problem still persists. Any updates on this?

Hi Jakub,
For us, the fix was relatively straight forward. We had to apply 2 curly brackets on the ‘Option Label Template’ (rather than 3):

Thanks, Olly

Thanks for the reply Olly however I’m referring to missing translation on chart. 

The use case:
a) we have picklist field on Contract__c object called ‘LifeCycleValue__c’;
b) values there (‘New’, ‘Renewal’, ‘Returning’) are translated into local language using standard SF translation workbench; 
c) we have aggregate model that is using that field as grouping; 
d) we have chart (column) built on that model that is using that grouping alias as split type; 
e) the labels from the legend are visible only in english (translation is not visible). 

Thank you.

Hi Jakub,

On the ‘Split Type’ for the data ‘Series’ feeding the chart, please try using the template option. Then, for ‘Split Template’ select your grouped field & change the 3 curly brackets to 2 curly brackets

Hope this helps
Thanks, Olly

This issue should be resolved based on new localization documentation:


Hi Oliver, sorry for a long reply. Your solution works perfectly :slight_smile: Thank you! Much appreciated. All the best.