picklist rendering and record types

It seems like the standard field render for picklist does not take record types into account. If i display a table of opportunities and edit the stage field the picklist will display all picklist values and not only the ones valid for the opportunity record type. Is there a way to get SKUID to only show the correct stage values?

Peter, you are correct, Skuid currently does not limit the set of picklist entries displayed based on RecordType-specific picklist value dependencies. We are planning to implement this in a future release, at the latest in the Summer 13 release. To do this prior to then would require writing a custom field renderer that uses the AJAX API to find those picklist entries valid for the selected record type.

This has been implemented as of Skuid 2.31, which has been pushed to all Skuid customers. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS 1. Users must have the “API Enabled” permission for this behavior to have any effect, since the only way for Skuid to access RecordType Picklist dependency data is through the AJAX / Web Services API, the use of which requires the API Enabled permission. However, this data is cached in session storage (for users whose browsers support session storage), so as to minimize API calls. 2. When you change your RecordType Picklist dependency metadata through the Force.com Builder, Skuid Pages do not immediately feel the impact of these changes. One of several things must happen in order for Skuid Pages to feel the effect of these changes: (a) Users must login / logout, which dumps out all session storage caching. (b) Users must have browsers which do not support session storage, in which case this information will never be cached. (c)) For any Skuid Pages including the RecordType or Picklist Fields whose dependency data has been updated, make ANY change (e.g. move a field, then move it back) to those Pages, and then Save. This will force the metadata cache to be recycled.