picklist options as source for subquery field issue

Hey Pat, I’m not getting any audio on the video either in Youtube or embedded in the skuid community here. I can definitely get audio on your other videos and my PC isn’t muted (checked that twice!). Is there definitely audio on this video?

no audio for me either 

Pat.  You are correct,  you cannot use field metadata to derive your filter source if your working with a subquery condition.  I will take your note as an Idea and put it in our backlog. 

However you can make your filter source be the rows of another model,  which aggregates the rows of the child object, grouping by the picklist.   This is the model described in use case 7 of this document

Hi Rob,

I’m not able to this in my case. The values required in the filter are the values from the picklist. Each of these values need to be present in at least one record for it to show in the model. It’s unlikely to happen, but it could and then the filter list values would be incomplete.

So, instead of this, I’ve created a manual source list that is full proof so long as the picklist values are in sync with the manual source values.


Yup.  That’s the solution at this point.