Picklist for opportunity record type displaying inactive record types

I’ve been organizing our opportunity record types and have had to place a number of them under inactive since we do not use them anymore. The issue is that though they are inactive, and do not appear in standard Salesforce when making a new opportunity, these inactive fields still appear as options on our Skuid pages which can be confusing for users. 

Is there a way to ensure that Skuid only displays the active record types for Record Type ID? Other than deleting them of course, we may wish to develop them further in the future. 

Hello, Erik,

The way to ensure that only active record types appear is by using  Lookup Filters. In the Page Composer for the page where you’re creating a new opportunity, click on the Record Type ID field and then its properties will be displayed above. Click on the Filters tab, and add a filter on the IsActive field, where IsActive=true.  This way, only Active Record Types will appear in the Lookup List.

Does that make sense? Let us know if you need clarification or run into any other issues.

Yep just figured it out actually, thanks for the help!