PickList Font Size in field editor not respecting theme

As mentioned in a previous post, Scale to mobile is great, but if your font sizes in edit fields are not at least 16px mobile browsers auto zoom and it is clumsy with skuid pages that are scaled to mobile. I have one last hurdle. I have a picklist in a field editor. When I set it to the default, the font doesn’t conform to my 16px font size setting in the theme. I can’t seem to get CSS to work either. Consequently, when you change the picklist option, mobile browsers zoom in and it is hard to get it to zoom back out by pinch to zoom. If I switch to radio button, the radio buttons are huge and the layout is weird. These also don’t respect theme settings and I can’t get CSS to work. Any Ideas on a work around?

I can see the difference between the browser slightly zooming in versus zooming all the way to the field. Are you wanting no zoom altogether or are you wanting little zoom? 

What do you mean by “hard to get it to zoom back out by pinch to zoom”? I’ve found that functionality works as I expect. If I zoom out with a pinch after entering text, it stays zoomed out on me.

I’m looking for zero zoom. I’ve accomplished it with field editors and search components by increasing the font to 16px with CSS. The picklist isn’t working. I have sticky headers and footers with some model actions, queries rendering which probably add to the problem of the zoom out nor working . When it zooms in and I try to zoom back out: 1) it locks up for a few seconds and won’t allow any zoom. 2) Then it seems that I have to zoom by pinching certain parts of the screen. Like I have to have on finger on the body and thumb on the footer.

After doing a little research, it looks like this is done by the browser rather than Skuid. You might be able to prevent it with some custom javascript. Let me know if you’re able to find a work around.

I have tried a half dozen solutions from google and can’t find one that works. The skuid mobile builder I don’t think had this issue. Unfortunately, now when I try to open one of my existing skuid mobile pages in version 10, the mobile builder is malfunctioning. It won’t let me click on any of the buttons. I cleared my cash, but no help. Using the latest Chrome browser.