Picklist Filter(Select Option) is not working when we are not enableing Remember last-selected filt

Look Above screen shot when i am making Remember last-selected filter value in cookie=False
At that time Select option filter are not working.I cannot see any options.

Look Second example when I have enable Remember last-selected filter value in cookie=True.

This issue are occur on many pages.
IF I am enable Remember last-selected filter value in cookie its work but if I will not use that than it is not working.
I cannot use Remember last-selected filter value in cookie=True for all the pages.
Provide proper solution for this.

Are you using the most recent version of Skuid?  You can install our latest patch from Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before

We are not seeing this issue in our orgs.  There must be somthing else you are doing that is causing this issue.  Can you post a screenshot of the filter properties from the composer.  (You have have to post 2 or 3 shots to get all the properties). 

We’ll help you get this fixed. 

I have updated latest Skuid version. Even though i am getting same error.
Below is my xml.
Currently Remember last-selected filter value is true for Communication filter.If you change it false options will not display

You only got about 500 lines of the XML.  If you can grant us login rights we can take a look.  Follow the tutorial that Irvin linked to in your other issue. 

Then please send us an email (to support@skuidify.com) with the following (for each issue)
1. Your Org ID. 
2. The name of the Skuid page where the issue is occurring. 
3. The reproduction steps you are following to produce the issue.

We’ll take a look.  


1.Your Org ID-00Dj0000001okEH
2. The name of the Skuid page where the issue is occurring.-Skuid page name: JobOpportunityDetail

Skuid pageUrl: https://skuid.na16.visual.force.com/apex/skuid__PageBuilder?id=a05j0000001xhROAAY

3. The reproduction steps you are following to produce the issue.

1)First click on below link


2)Click on Add New Job Seekers button so one popup is open.

3)In that popup check all filter there you found communication filter.

That filter is Select option filter. But We cannot see any option there. If I am enable Remember last-selected filter value in cookies than its working.

But if I am disabling this value than its not working.

This issue is on all the page not only on one page.

We will look into this issue more deeply as a potential bug.  But there is a workaround.  If you use our “manual” filter option (instead of automatic) you should not have any problems. Its a little more setup, but it will not have this problem. 

For more information look at this tutorial: http://help.skuidify.com/m/models-conditions-filters/l/168443-filters-cheat-sheet-of-filter-use-case…   Pay attention to use case 1. 

The suggested workaround is not working for me.  I have set the pick options manually from another model but the filter will not remember the users selections.