picklist field showing old values, field dependencies not working

Seems like a page caching issue, but I’ve cleared browsing data, used Incognito Mode, used a different browser, and still I have a pop-up that creates a new row on an object that has three dependent picklists. The middle one is not rendering properly based on the top-level one. In addition, that picklist is showing one picklist value that has been replaced and deleted. 

Any ideas? 

Page caching is off, server-side processing is on.

So, when I created a brand new skuid page it worked fine. But even if I remove the field editor and add it back again, I get the old version picklist field. 

Any chance they are actually different picklists?One time I created two fields with virtually identical names and drove myself nuts trying to figure out why my changes weren’t taking place. I was updating the wrong field.

Nope. Just double-triple checked, on object and in schema builder.

Not a big deal, it was better to replace this with a page include, but I do think there might be some bug here. 

Skuid does cache metadata and so I can imagine you seeing old picklist values after you had made changes in Setup.  However - we clear the metadata cache whenever a change is made to the skuid page,  so I’m suprized that removing and re-adding the field editor did not correct the problem. 

We’ll keep an eye out for this issue and dig on it if we see it again.  But for now I’m glad you got your problem fixed. 

I am having this same issue. I have a picklist Contact Status with new picklist values and old options deleted, but all options are showing up in skuid. This is major issue for us right now that I can’t fix. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried removing the field from your model on the skuid page, refreshing the fields (or refreshing the page builder page), and adding the field again? I believe that worked for me… eventually. Seems like I had to do that maybe more than once. 

I had a similar problem and discovered that if the page with the field picklist that isn’t working is included as a page include, then both pages need to be re-saved. (I also removed the fields and re-added them, but this might be overkill)

I cannot get a new value to show up in a picklist. It’s on a page include on a page that is a child page. I have removed and re-added the field from the model on both the page include and the child page, and turned off page caching on the master page. I have Disable Cache turned on in the Chrome dev console. I’ve logged out and logged back in. I’m about to just clone my page include, but it shouldn’t take this much effort. 

Nevermind, I’m an idiot. It was a dependent picklist and I hadn’t added the value to the right controlling field option. Sorry for the spam