Picklist Field Default = None does not work if marked required in skuid

So I have a picklist and I want it to be blank (-None-) upon load. This works as expected until I make the field required in Skuid. Once required in skuid, it chooses the first picklist option automatically. I want to make it required to ensure that someone takes the time to answer it. By populating it with an option automatically, it defeats the purpose of the required setting and can lead to the wrong option being assigned to the record by default. Any thoughts or work arounds for this?

AS soon as you set a picklist field to be required there is an option that pops up to “Add ‘None’ option” (at least on my version of skuid…)

Well, don’t I feel silly. Thanks, Moshe!

We’ve all been there. 

Pardon for perhaps not seeing it but what is the solution?  I have the same situation, without “None” option checked, picklist has 4 values and defaults to one of the 4.  After checking the “None” option along with required, page still saves.  Need message to display indicating “None” is not a valid option and prevent saving the data. How to do?

That I can’t help with. As soon as I checked the create none option box, I now get an error message and it won’t save the record. The only thing I can think is that your save button might not be saving the model that has the required field in it. Or you may have a default set for the field in the Salesforce object. Not sure if that would effect it or not.