picklist are not updating on UI

Iam using skuid picklist are not updating when i update picklist values in salesforce it is not reflecting on Skuid UI field


Would you provide more details about what you are doing?  I think you have a UI only picklist field in your model.  You are saving the data to Salesforce in a field on the object.  Are you now trying to view that saved field value in ‘through’ a UI Only field?



I just had a similar issue.  I have a picklist field that was called Diabetic__c with just yes or no.  We decided to be more specific so we added Yes, Type 1 Diabetes  and Yes, Type 2 Diabetes.  When I go to the field to see the updated options it is  only showing Yes and No as options when there should be 4 options now.

Yes, Type 1 Diabetes
Yes, Type 2 diabetes

It is NOT a dependent picklist.

Solved for me.  Hopefully this helps someone.  I had to go to Record Types on Person Accounts and make sure the picklist available for editing were added for this Record type.