Person Accounts and how they work in Skuid

Hi guys, a quick question around Person Accounts and how they work in Skuid.

We are currently running Business Accounts and Person Accounts and when we lookup contacts using the Account object, they display but when we lookup a contact from the contact object, they don’t. We’re not sure how we lookup any Person Accounts from the Accounts object in Skuid.

Is there an easier way to differentiate these?


Ooh. Person Accounts. 

Person accounts are not contacts.  They will not show in a lookup to the contact object. I don’t think there is a way around this.  If for example you want to have your person accounts show in a list of contacts that a custom object is related to - you will have to create some phantom contact record that has the PA information. 

Salesforce allows tasks and events to be associated with Person Account entities by using polymorphic fields,  but these are not availalbe for custom objects (I believe).