Permission error on save

I have a user that is trying to change the case owner on the case detail page. They get the following error when they save.

The user is able to do this action on the default SF page so I’m not sure why the Skuid page is not allowing the save. They never had any issues doing this in the past. We also updated to the latest release Banzai - Update 8 this weekend.

Can you describe the exact transfer scenario that you are trying to achieve? In Banzai Update 7 and Update 8, we addressed some security issues around record ownership changes. Previously, you were able to transfer records (change their Owner) even if you were not the record’s owner and did not have one of the Transfer Record / Case / Lead permissions. The changes we made in Updates 7 and 8 were to enforce these security restrictions to prevent ownership transfers that the native Salesforce UI prohibits. So if you are encountering an issue where what is possible in the native SFDC UI is not possible with Skuid, please give us as much detail as possible about exactly what you’re doing (e.g. transferring a Case owned by the running user to another user, transferring a record not owned by the running user to the running user, transferring a record owned by a Queue to the running user, etc.) The more details about the scenario, the quicker we’ll be able to assess. Thanks!

Hi Zach,

We first saw the issue transferring a case record from a Queue to the running user. Then when I was troubleshooting the issue I also had the same result with a case when I tried to transfer the record not owned by the running user to the running user. I hope that’s the info you were looking for.

(a) Re: transferring Case from Queue to running user: Is the running user a member of the Queue in question? If not, then this should be prevented and is working as expected, unless the running user has either the “Transfer Record” or “Transfer Case” permissions in Salesforce.
(b) Re: transferring the record not owned by the running user to the running user: Does the running user have either the “Transfer Record” or “Transfer Case” permission in Salesforce? If not, they will need to have either of these Permissions in order for this to be allowable according to Salesforce Permissions.

Thanks Zach. Those 2 permissions where missing from the users profile. I’ve tested it and it’s working fine now.