Permission Error for Table that is hidden with Conditional Rendering

I have a table in a Skuid page that runs off a model. This model is built on a Salesforce object that some users do not have permission to access. Using conditional rendering, I hide this table from the users who do not have permission.

When testing as one of these users, the table is correctly hidden, however, there is an error that appears at the top of the screen. The error reads that the user does not have permission to view the records of the object the hidden table is built upon.

How do I hide this error message when the element that uses this model is hidden?

Thank you


I think you are going to need a snippet to decide when to load the model for the table that is hidden for some users.  You can hide/suppress the error message, but you would be hiding other errors that may happen on the page.

I’d recommend that you use a permission set to define who has access to the object.  Then it will be easy to add a model to your page that your snippet can check to see if the table model should be loaded.