Performance Issue with Lightning Tab and Lightning Component to host the SkuidPage


We have created a Lightning Tab and included Skuid page in Lightning Component with the below syntax:

<aura:component implements="lightning:actionOverride,force:appHostable" access="global"> <skuid:page page="Ledger_AMC_LightningTab"/> 

When we accessed this new page, the loading time is very long, we have waited more than 10 seconds for the page to finish loading. It takes longer than the other pages alot.

Please note that the skuidpage we included in, only has 1 model, and it only loads with 100 records as well.
Also, when running in Preview mode, the speed is not slow. But in real mode (accessing via the Lightning Tab), the page loading speed is slow as we described in above.

This is happening right after we upgraded to the new version Millau (11.1.10). Additionally, We also have many lightning tabs like this one as well, and we never faced this issue before.

We appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Hi Charlotte,

Was this an existing Skuid page in Lightning Component? And just to clarify, the exact same page & custom Lightning component was working more quickly before you updated to 11.1.10? Or is it something new you’ve built? 

I want to make sure you’ve seen the most recent post on this Community conversation by Zach. There are some performance improvements right around the corner that may benefit your page. 

Hi Mark,

Thank you for taking your time to reply us. Yes, It did exist before we upgrade to the latest Skuid version 11.1.10. We never faced this performance issue before, it only happens right after we upgraded to latest version.

You can reproduce this issue by following:

  1. Create the Skuid page
  2. Create Custom Lightning tab
  3. Custom Lightning tab will point to the Custom Lightning Page with the code we have provided in the original post
Thank you.

Hi Charlotte,

Using the same code you provided, I’ve built a simple Lightning component with a similar Skuid page (one model, 100 records) using the above code, and the load times are fairly quick for me. 

Do all of your Lightning tabs load slowly like this, or do some load faster than others?
Does the tab load this slowly every time?

For a next step, I would recommend opening up the browser’s Network tab in the developer tools, and loading your Lightning Tab while watching how quickly each resource loads. Do you see anything in particular that’s loading slowly every time?

One thing I noticed is that when you click the name of your custom Lightning Tab, Lightning will try to dynamically load only the tab contents, while keeping the header and main page’s contents in place. I see this behavior when Lightning’s using its force:navigateToURL event, and that seems to be the fastest way to load content in Lightning. So, whenever possible you’ll want to try and make sure this way of navigating between Lightning pages is what’s being used. In Lightning, when you actually change the browser’s URL to reload the entire page (including Lightning header), or navigate to a new page, I’ve found that to be pretty slow even without Skuid involved. The good news on the Skuid side is that the next maintenance release should offer improvements to Skuid to help ensure that links in Skuid use this faster Lightning event method when your users clicking links in Skuid + Lightning. 

Hi Charlotte, I’m just checking in to see if you were able to resolve this issue.

Hi Mark, 

I’m facing this issue too in Milau 12.2.6.
The Skuid page loads very slowly in Lightning.

Please help to check.

Hi Kevin. First, I would recommend you make sure you’re loading all Skuid pages natively in Lightning. That means, avoid loading any Visualforce pages with Skuid inside them, or any iframed Skuid pages. Instead, be sure to use the Skuid Page Lightning component. By doing this, you’ll make sure only one set of core Skuid resources is loaded for all the pages, instead of a separate copy for each.

Second, when you set up URL redirects in a Skuid page, using a relative URL like /lightning/r/Contact/0034100001gJtENAA0/view should provide much faster load times, because the Lightning Framework isn’t reloaded. Using a full URL like will cause the whole page to reload, including all of Lightning (which is a heavy load). This is true for any release of Skuid starting with 11.1.13. 

I would also recommend looking at Skuid’s page performance guide. It will help you optimize your pages for best performance whether in Lightning or not.