Perform math in a template

So I have created models with conditions to filter out records based on values in certain fields. Then I use something like: {{$}} to display a count of the records in a template. I would like to add this count to the count of another model. So in non-programming terms it would look something like this: {{$}} + {{$}} Is it possible to add these two results together in a template? Thanks!

That is not possible in a template.  Sorry. 
Today - you’ll have to write a short javascript snippet to do that calculation.  See this tutorial:…

In our next release we will be providing more options for simple calculations in client side fields.  Stay tuned for release news… 

I’ve been tuned in foreeeeeever!

Client side fields!!! Me likey. Cmon cmon cmon!

Really can’t wait for this… Client side fields will be totally awesome for the reports we’re developing right now.

Oh yes! 

Is it part of this: “tons of updates and features in Skuid Banzai.”