payment processing functionalities in a Skuid page

Rob, this is a follow up question -

From the article referred -

Is “Use the Salesforce Apex REST technology to expose your methods as an Apex REST Service, and then callout to this using jQuery get() or similar calls.” the recommended route that Zach McElrath was referring to take and are the examples called out referring to this way of calling out apex functions in Skuid?

I have a custom VF page in the system, can further support be provided to translate that to work with Skuid?

"Example Visualforce Page:

 <apex:page docType="html-5.0" readOnly="true" 
 standardController="Account" extensions="MyApexClass"> 

 <skuid:page page="MySkuidPage"/> 


Example Apex Class:

 public with sharing class MyApexClass { 

 public static Account createAccount(String accountName) { 
 Account a = new Account(Name = accountName); 
 return a; 


Example use from within Skuid JavaScript code (e.g. a Snippet):

 var newAccount = MyApexClass.createAccount('Acme Generators'); 
 alert('New Account Id: ' + newAccount.Id);"