Passing Variables from Model in Skuid Mobile Custom Apex Action

I cant seem to find any documentation on this, I am trying to call an Invokable Method that takes in a List of Custom Objects called “Allocations”. I want to pass in the Model Rows as the input but I have this screen and I am not sure what goes in this box to accomplish sending the SObjects as a List of rows from the model.

The method I am trying to access looks like this…

@InvocableMethod(label=‘Send Shared Solar Contract’ description=‘Does something’)
public static void sendShardSolarContract(List<facility_allocation__c> allocations) {
// Does Something

Alternatively, how can I edit this XML to end up giving me the same desired effect: (I want a List<facility_allocation__c> to get passed but i am not sure of the syntax to do that)


</facility_allocation__ c></facility_allocation__c>

I’m not sure you are going to get this done with the decarative tools.  The box for Allocations is expecting a single field value to be passed to it  using skuid’s mustache merge syntax.  I think you are going to have to go to Javascript,  build your comma delimited list of values and pass this off to your Apex action.  Sorry. 

(heres a post about building the list - in this case to send a Marketo mass email,  but I think you can work out the differences:…