Passing URL Parameters to a Page Include

Use Javascript to update the page include. I had a similar issue and it worked for me like a charm. Put it in a snippet that is loaded after the popup using the multiple actions framework. 

Make sure your Page Include component has a Unique Id set, so that we can reference it via JavaScript:

var contactRow = skuid.model.getModel('Contact').getFirstRow(); var contactDataRow = skuid.model.getModel('ContactData').getFirstRow();<br>var pageInclude = skuid.$('#MyPageInclude').data('object');<br>pageInclude.pagename = 'TaskLogCall';<br>pageInclude.querystring = '?id=' + contactDataRow.Id + '&amp;whatid=' + contactRow.AccountId + '&amp;whatname=' + contactRow.Account.Name;<br>pageInclude.load(function(){<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;console.log('done loading');<br>});

Javascript API taken from