Passing Row Specific Table Data as Flow Variables on Row Action button

Hi, I’m trying to create a Row Action that will trigger a flow to run on the Account that is listed on that specific line of the table. My Model is “Accounts” and the Flow needs 3 variables to run: AccountID, and 2 custom fields on the Account object.

How do I assign the values to these variables? What is the syntax needed to be row specific?


Hi @J_Landers, if you’re doing a table row action it should run in the context of the row automatically, so for example {{Id}} would bring in the account Id for the row and {{FieldAPIName}} will bring in the value of other fields from that row.

If you do it as a table mass action, I believe it should run the flow for each of the selected rows, one after the other.

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Did you hear that? The sound of me banging my head against the wall. I thought it would be that simple. Of course, it won’t work when I enter {{AccountId}} instead of {{Id}}.

Thank you Anna.

You’re welcome @J_Landers - hope you didn’t bang your head too hard. It happens to all of us.