passing parm in 2 sequential includes

I have a page with an include and I can pass a parm to the included page.

The included page also has an include and the parm is used on the 2nd included page.

If my parm is “addengagebutton”, how do I pass the parm from the main screen to a 2nd lower included page. I assume something needs to go the 1st included page when calling the second called page. I can not define the parm in this screen as the 2nd included is called from various place and must pass a unique parm from the main page.

I don’t believe the parameter you passed into the first include will actually remain available to be passed in the second page include.  Only parameters from the primary page are available to be used in client side processing within the include.  So when you try to access a parameter in your first page include and pass it along into your second include - nothing is found.  You can test this by typing  “”  in your browser console with the first include open.  You won’t actually see the parameter you passed from your primary page into the include. 

The params passed into the include are used in server side code to run conditions on your models and return the correct data.  So in your case - I’d make sure some data element was set on the page include that could be used as a parameter and be passed into the second include.