passing account and opportunity in row action

I have an account detail page thanks to skuid CRM but we have a custom object called job.  We want to be able to add a job to the opportunity and account.  When clicked this should open a pop-up that will pre-populate the account and opportunity.  The user will then add the dates and description, save and close.  The job should now be associated with both the opportunity and the account.  I can’t seem to figure out how to make this happen.

You should have a separate model for “new job”  and this model should have conditions that prepoulate the account and the opportunity.  

For items where both the ID and Name field are immediately on the record you are looking up to,  you will only need to make a condition that connects the ID fields. In this case the Opportunity condition on your Job model would just be "Job records where OpportunityId is the value of the Id field from the Opportunity model.

For items where the ID is immediately on the record you are looking up to,  but the Name field is on a higher grandparent object,  you will need to make 2 conditions,  one on the ID field of the direct parent, and one on the Name field of the grandparent object.   If we were creating new jobs on an opportunity detail page,  and still wanted to prepoulate the account - we might have accountId selected on the opportunity model.  Then we’d make 2 conditions,   First:  “Job records where AccountId is the value of the AccountID field from the Opporutnity Model” and second:  “Job records where Account.Name is the value of the Account.Name field from the Opportunity Model”   (In both sides of that condition you have gone through to the parent “Account” object and selected the name field. 

If you don’t do this second condition - in your new job popup - you will only see the ID number, and not the name. 

Let me me know if that helps.