Passing a Salesforce ID to a skuid page within a service console

We have a skuid page within a service console. The skuid page is a list of oppportunities we hoped to be filtered by an account. I tried to pass the account id by creating a detail button on the account page that invokes the service console. Below is the onclick Javascript I used.


The skuid page within the console has a condition where the opportunity accountid is equal to the the id page parameters.

The button invokes the service console but its seems like it’s not passing the id parameter from the URL to the skuid page within the service console.


Is the detail button on an account detail page? If so, try using &id={{YourAccountModelName.Id}} instead of &id={!Account.Id}. Skuid’s merge syntax, which can be used to pass page parameters (among other things), is in the format of {{modelname.fieldname}}. This tutorial talks more about Skuid’s merge syntax.