Pass User ID Parameter to Skuidified Sub-Tab of Chatter Profile

Hi everyone - I’ve created a Skuidifed page that I will be using as a sub-tab on the Chatter Profile page. I need to pass the user ID parameter from the Profile to my Skuid models. Salesforce documentation says this re: user ID parameter: User ID Parameter—sfdc.userId=[UserID] The profile will always pass sfdc.userId=[UserId] to all child tab pages excluding Webtabs, which require configuration by the administrator due to security constraints. This is the ID of the profile subject user (i.e. not the context/viewing user). My model’s condition is looking for Contact records (really just one Contact record) where the value of the “Salesforce User” (or pse__Salesforce_User__r.Id … or just pse__Salesforce_User__c) field on the Contact record is the User ID of the User whose Profile page is currently being viewed. I can’t get the sfdc.userId parameter to pass through to my page. I realize that the skuid page is being pulled in as an iframe:

<iframe class="profileMainFrame profileMainContent" data-url=";sfdc.userId=005U0000001Qxn4&amp;" frameborder="0" id="profileTabContentFrame_Admin_Emp_File" name="profileTabContentFrame_Admin_Emp_File" onload="SfdcApp.Chatter.ProfileTabSet.handleTabContentLoad(this.parentNode.getAttribute('data-id'));" src=";sfdc.userId=005U0000001Qxn4" title="Admin Emp File" data-loaded="loaded" data-initialized="initialized"></iframe> 

This is the visualforce page:

<apex:page standardController="Contact" extensions="skuid.Redirects" action="{!redirect}?page=AdminEmployeeFile"> </apex:page> 

Hey Kaede, Probably the easiest way to get you going would be to make a new visualforce page to house your Skuid page. The redirect syntax you’re using likely isn’t passing that param through. Instead you’ll want to do something like this:

<apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false"> <skuid:page page="AdminEmployeeFile" /> </apex:page> 

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

YES! Thank you!