Pass Id in page include

I have done this man times with success.  I am passing and Id in a page include and it does not pass.  I have included a video showing the issue.

is the model loaded on page load? You check if that setting is configured by looking on the model.


I also tried putting in a collapsible wrapper.


What is different about this page compared to the ones that work? If you have the same setup in other pages working perfectly, that makes me wonder what is different here or what is different on the Page Include. 

When you compare the two, what do you find that is different?


Here is the XML for the 2 page includes as well the Id that is being passed.

Here are the conditions on the included page

Here is how it renders.

 <grid uniqueid="sk-25xKd7-3041">            <divisions>
            <division behavior="flex" minwidth="100px" ratio="1" verticalalign="top">
                    <richtext multiple uniqueid="sk-1nP189-4237" model="Person">

Could this be causing the problem?

skuid__JQueryJS:4 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check


Glad to hear it. What was the problem in the end? 

Bill… looks like i’m having the same issue upon upgrading from Banzai to Brooklyn (9.5.10). I’m passing a reference field and it’s getting the name instead of the id. How did you fix it?