Parameters not substituting on a Field Editor Section Title

I’m trying to use parameter subtitution on a repeating field editor in the section title, but it doesn’t appear to be working. If I do my subtitution inside the section body, it works fine. This using a repeating section - in this case, across Case Comments. I’m trying to show the case creator name and the case ID in the section title, and the case comments in the body section. Here is what I’m doing in the editor: And here is the result: Is there a trick to get the section title to do the parameter substitution on the repeated object? Thanks, - Chris

That would be a bug. We’ve fixed it in dev and should release a fix over the next day or two. Stay tuned.

Just saw you deployed the fix for this! It works great - thanks for such a fast response time!

By chance did something revert here? The bug appears to be back again - I’m seeing the exact same problem as before…?

Hi Chris, we actually haven’t released the fix yet — so it shouldn’t be working at all for you yet.

Odd … it did work for a couple days. I swear it did! Or maybe it’s another sign of aging… :wink: Looking forward to the update. Thanks, - Chris

Hi Chris, our “Spring 14 - Patch 1” (v4.8) release is out, which should resolve this: