$Param Merge Fields in pageInclude

Hi Guys,

I am trying (failing) to access URL parameters via merge syntax inside a page include. The scenario is thus:

  1. “Parent” page (ClientView) hosted in a VF page.
    There is a pageInclude component in popup on the parent page referencing the child page (“ClientView_Services_CustomTab”).

Coincidently there is a parameter “id” on both pages, however each refers to a different record- in the case of ClientView the id param is for an account, for the child page the id param is for a service.

At runtime a request is made for the child page with the expected GET parameters:

2. There is a template component in child page with merge fields for $Params.id and $Params.parentModelName The first value is merged with the parent pages id parameter, the second value is empty.

Perplexingly, a model parameter in the child page that is bound to the id param filters the correct service as merged into the page include (the service record specified by the id parameter in the pageInclude.)

I suspect this in that the context of the pageInclude is available in the APEX backend when the models are queried (and hence the correct id is used), and that we will have lost this context when it comes time to render the template client-side.

We would appreciate and comments or thoughts.

Dan (PractiFI)