Panel Width vs Field Editor Width

I must be confusing these two. I can’t seem to get panel width to set to a percentage. I would like two panels, each 50% width. Right now, it is treating the value as pixels. I tried to use Column Width within the Field Editor as an example, no luck. Am I missing something?

You can use either Pixel or Percent widths with either Panels in a Panel Set or Columns in a Field Editor. By default, Pixel width is assumed. To use Percent widths, you must explicitly add “%” after the number you use, e.g. “50%”, “25%”. With Panels in a Panel Set, the trick is that if you want percentage widths, you need to set the Panel Set Type property to “Custom Width”.

Damn, I thought I would spare myself some shame. I found the Panel Set Type 30 Sec ago. Thanks for the help!