Pagination bar bug

I’ve encountered a bug with the new table scrolling features. When I check the checkbox to “Allow Scrollbars” for a table within a popup, the pagination bar is not visible if the # of records fits on one page. If there are more than one page of results, the pagination bar shows at the top of the table like :

For both situations, refreshing the table in some way fixes the issue (sorting,searching,changing pages, etc) and the bar moves to the bottom of the table.


The scrolling features are not really supported in all browsers.  What are you running? 

Hi Rob,

I am using Firefox version 33.0.2, and the scrolling features work fine for tables normally. It just behaves strangely for the table inside a popup.


We will check it out… 

Thank you! It also occurs in IE 9 for what it’s worth.

Hi Rob, have you been able to replicate this issue and/or find a fix? We’re seeing this across all browsers.


Hi Kartik,

I’m seeing this issue as well.  I’ll look into it today.

Thanks Ben!

This has been fixed in dev.  This should be in our next patch release.  Most likely out by the end of this week.

The fix for this is now available in patch 6.8.7, available from

Great! Thanks Ben.

Hi Ben,

I am still having this issue, the pagination is good when page loads by default

But when I perform skuid.$C(‘Home’).render() in my script to render the table, the pagination is moving to top of the page.

I am not having any issue, if i remove “Allow Scrollbars” from the table.