Pages Table filtering not working

I have an org with a number of pages that are in a particular model. I select to filter on that module, and not all pages are shown.

I’ve checked that the page type and created/modified filters are clear. I have 31 pages in the module - this is confirmed in a report. On the “Pages” Skuid page, when I select the module, I’m shown the first 25, when I click Load More, I only ever get as high as 29. I’ve actually seen the number fluctuate slightly, though I’m not sure as to why.

Just as an update - the table was being sorted by Last Modified; when I switched this to sorting by Page Name, all the pages in the module started to appear…

Gary - what version of Skuid are you running? 


The issue here is a problem with Salesforce Standard Set Controllers (which Skuid uses to load more data into models). Because you are ordering on Module there are going to be very similar values on different records. Lots of rows would “tie” in an ordering contest. Salesforce Standard Set controllers don’t handle this very well. Say we ask for “Page 2” of the data, it could send us some records we already had, or skip some records so we never get them.

The workaround is to order by something explicit where every record will have a defined and unique place in line.  We are actually going to add this change to our base package…

 Yeah… so we can chalk this up to weirdness with Standard Set Controllers.