Pages redirect to the standard SF page after importing into sandbox?

I’ve been (stupidly) doing all of my development in production and now need to switch over to sandbox. Skuid seems to be working in sandbox and I have imported all of my existing Skuid data.

I’ve verified that my Skuid redirect pages exist and the correct overrides exist in each object, but I’m still getting dumped on the standard SF pages. Any ideas?

It seems to redirect in the following fashion:

  • Click on link to /a00/o
  • Redirected to /apex/Tab_Inventory?save_new=1&sfdc.override=1
  • Redirected to /apex/UI?actionType=Tab&objecttype=Inventory__c
  • Redirected back to /a00/o?nooverride=1

There is nothing stupid about doing your development in production. 

One thing about moving skuid between orgs that is still wonky is page assignments.  If you exported and imported your page assignments (just as they are)  the Page ID’s would not have updated to take the correct ID of the new page.  You might try to remove some selected page assignments and redo them manually to see if that corrects the issue. 

And just for grins.  Does the user have a skuid license and one of the 2 skuid permission sets?  Cuz that would cause the same behavior you are seeing. 

Thanks Rob! I hadn’t even realized that my page assignments didn’t carry over. For some reason I can’t import them, but recreating them worked just as well.

The reason I moved from prod to sandbox was that I’m still in the building stages and couldn’t justify buying 10 licenses when 3-4 months of the license term would be wasted on me simply building the pages out.

Per Paul C. (Sr. Inside Sales) I should be able to build everything out in sandbox, then buy licenses when I’m ready to move to production. Is this still correct?

What Paul said is still correct.
And you are also correct about page assignments not currently being “importable” using the same tools that import pages.  We are working on that. Its the last piece of the puzzle…

No complaints from me!

This stuff is complicated and you guys have built a fantastic product.