Pages disappered--help!

1) How do I check to see if there is a Static Resource with the pages? 

2) How do I run a Setup Audit Report.

I do not typically develop custom code. I am more of a declarative developer. I am founder and CEO of the company. I am new to Skuid.


Hi Tracy,

Can you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support so we can take a look? Also, if possible, please send an email to with the names of the pages that are missing (or approximate names) and the names of the users who created them.


Zach McElrath

Thanks. I will do so now. Thanks to everyone for really pitching in to help!


According to the records sent to us by the License Management App - the Skuid package was uninstalled from within your environment on May 27. (And 2 minutes later it was re-installed).  This means that the custom objects related to the Skuid package were removed and all data was deleted. 

Here is a note from this salesforce help file:  

After an uninstall, Salesforce automatically creates an export file containing the package data, as well as any associated notes and attachments. When the uninstall is complete, Salesforce sends an email containing a link to the export file to the user performing the uninstall. The export file and related notes and attachments are listed below the list of installed packages. We recommend storing the file elsewhere because it’s only available for a limited period of time after the uninstall completes.
So hopefully someone on your team recieved that email and can get the export file (which will have the Skuid Page records).

Sorry for the bad news on a Saturday night.