Pages disappered--help!

Hi, some members of my development team created some Skuid pages. Upon login yesterday May 28th, some of the pages were no longer visible by any of us (all System Administrators). The pages missing were created by two of the original Skuid developers (about two weeks experience). Pages remaining were developed by two new resources ( as of May 27th) but not the original developer's work. The pages lost are important. Can you tell me what may have gone wrong? I am sure the pages are still there.

No one deleted them!

We need to know how to make the invisible pages visible again?

Hello Tracy -

The first thing that comes to mind is to make sure that when viewing the “Pages” tab, that the filters are set to “Any Page Type”, “Any Module” and “Select a filter” as well as ensuring that there is no text in the “search” textbox.  This ensures that no filters are applied and you are looking at all pages in your org.

Hope that helps and uncovers the missing pages :slight_smile:

Hi Tracy,

If still no pages after following Barry’s excellent advice, check the Recycle Bin.

Thanks for the preliminary. I checked these things and none of them is the problem. Any more suggestions?

 Also checked the recycle bin. I see pages I deleted, but not the ones we are looking for. Any more suggestions?

Hi Tracy -

This is a long shot but possibly when the 2 “new” pages were developed they weren’t created new but rather were edited versions of the original 2 pages and after being saved, replaced the original pages.  From the “Pages” tab, you check click the “Versions” row action and see the history of each individual page.  It only goes back 25 saves but you might find something in there.

As you mention, it’s highly unlikely the pages just disappeared.  One other thing given Irvin’s suggestion is to make sure when checking the Recyle Bin that the “view” is set to “all recycle bin” so that you see deletes from every user not just yours.

Have you or anyone else used the import pages or unpack pages feature?

A few other thoughts…

1) Are you in a Prod org or sandbox?
2) If you are in a sandbox, can you check the date of the last refresh.  Possibly the org was refreshed by someone which would have resulted in the pages being lost.

Thanks for following up. I checked all of the suggestions but still have not found the problem. I am pretty sure I din not overwrite anything. I was careful to select 'Create New Page' I am one of the new developers as of the 27th. I did check the versions just to ensure. I checked the versions for the other developer and the recycle bin for all developers.

Here's the story...

I signed up for a DE with Skuid. When I signed up I was given 5 licenses. The 5 licenses were never assigned to resources. However, 2 of my developers, (all have Salesforce Admin privileges (we are building an app on logged in and began to test Skuid about two weeks ago. These developers built some Project functionality and various Home Page functionalities.

I required two of my additional developers to log in and build some additional pages assigned to them. One did. The other has not as of yet. I too decided to learn. I logged in and created a page ( a total of 5 developers).

My initial two developers did the bulk of the work about two weeks ago and was continuing to build out functionality on their existing pages. I cannot locate any of their pages now.

The other developer that logged in for the first time, I can see his new pages. I was able to troubleshoot his pages, as you and your colleague requested. I was also able to troubleshoot mine.

The first two developers (with the existing pages);  I cannot locate their pages. I do not show the pages in the recycle bin. I also do not show that I or the other developer over wrote their existing pages using the versions functionality.

I checked all filters.

Previous to the 27th, I was able to see 'all' pages--and so were my developers. When I logged in to create my first page on the 27th; I was able to create my first page. When I logged in on the 28th; I could not locate the Skuid application. I had to call Skuid. When I contacted the company; I was told that I needed to assign licenses to individual developers. The company showed 5 licenses but only one used. Apparently my two previous developers were using a single license. How this happened; I do not know.

Next, I assigned the users while on the phone with Skuid. I was then able to see the Skuid application in the application pull down, but I could not view the Skuid pages created by the developers (the bulk of the work that had been created to date). I could only see the other developers new pages and mine. I assumed it was because of the new assignment (although a flag was raised). I thought the developers would be able to view their own Pages. I was told by them that they could not.

What's different

The only thing that was different, in settings, was that the new developer had followed the required steps (see below) prior to my calling Skuid on the 28th. He apparently had followed these directions on the 28th. It is the only thing I can think of. All other developers, including myself, had not followed these steps. Not even the 2 developers that had created their pages weeks earlier and was continuing to add functionality.

  • Assign users the Skuid Page Viewer Permission Set (needed for anyone who will be using Skuid in any way)
  • Assign users the Skuid Page Builder Permission Set (needed for all users who will be creating / editing Skuid Pages)

Any more suggestions?

By the way we are in a production environment. We have various production orgs we use as development environments.

Hey Tracy -

Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with Permissions sets so I’ll have to defer to someone more knowledgeable on that.  Based on your description above, I’m guessing, as you are likely as well, that the changes in the way licenses & permission sets were made have “hidden” some pages from view.  Possibly the pages that were created before the licenses/permissions where applied got “orphaned” when the changes were made.  Again, just totally guessing here.

The only thing left that I can think of is to issue the following SOQL using Developer Console Query Editor.  If permissions are what is getting in the way, this likely won’t show anything you don’t have access to.  However, if it does show those old pages, it at least gives you some hope that you’ll be able to retrieve them once whatever is causing them not to appear is resolved. 

Open Developer console, go to the Query Editor tab and Execute the following checking the results for the old pages

SELECT Id, Name, CreatedBy.Name, CreatedDate, LastModifiedBy.Name, LastModifiedDate FROM skuid__Page__c

The last crazy thought I have is that you mentioned that you are using multiple orgs.  Have you checked every org just to make sure that those pages weren’t created elsewhere?

Perform the SOQL query as Barry suggest.

I performed the query. The only data it returns is for me and another developer named Shrinivas. We are the two newest ones to create Skuid pages. The pages created by Sangeeta Mallanna and Naveen Goud (developers whose pages are missing) do not show in the query.

See screenshots

we only have one development org that we are developing Skuid pages in. it is the only one we have Skuid installed on.

Here are some more screenshots. 

Cannot locate pages. Pages created by Sangeeta Mallanna and Naveen Goud are missing.

  • Sangeeta had created several home pages

  • Naveen had created some project pages using charts.

  • I created Biographies page

  • Shrivas created the Organization and Sales pages.

Tracy - Just to double check, can you change the filter “No Module” to “Any Module” please?  Not sure that it is going to matter given the results of the SOQL query but can’t hurt to try.

More screenshots.

Checked recycle bin for entire organization. Please find screen shots from today up to May 15th. Last date in recycle bin. Even in the recycle bin I can only view Shrinivas’ and my own deletes. I should be able to view all developers in the entire organization.


Run a Setup Audit report and see if these fellows emptied any records from their Recycle Bin or from the organization’s Recycle Bin.  Yeah, this is paranoia, but let’s cover all bases.

Have you checked to see if there is a Static Resource with the pages per Barry’s suggestion earlier?

More screenshots.

Screen shots of licenses.  This is a current screen shot. On the 28th I called Skuidify because I was not able to view the Skuid app. I was told to check my licenses. I did. We had 5. Licenses were due to expire in June. I informed that our licenses were not supposed to expire. Since then they have changed the number of licenses and the fact that the do not expire. However the issue predated this. Even then the 5 licenses had not expired.

More screenshots. License assignments.

Tracy -

The Install Date of the package indicates 5/27 @ 9:10am but the pages that are missing were developed prior to that date.  I think it’s best for you to work with Skuid support on this one .Given the activities that occurred on 5/27 & 5/28, they’ll be able to login to the org and see what’s going on.

On a related note, in our development process, we use the Package Pages feature to maintain a backup of all Skuid pages.  There’s also an Export Pages feature that provides similar benefit.  Fortunately we’ve never had to use it for disaster recovery (we do use it for version control) but it’s always there just in case something, like what you are encountering, occurs.

Sorry we can’t be of more help.  Good luck!