page title Page Title Snippet arguments

hehehe … lookee lookee. June 2014? :smiley:

There are four properties in arguments[0].

  • button : a jQuery reference to the button clicked
  • component : a jQuery reference to the page title component
  • model : The model of the page title
  • row  : the first row of the model
An easy to see this is by writing console.log(arguments) in the snippet.

Where did you find that?

Yes,  we are late… 

Just figured out that I’m able to look at the Sources and a Watch to the Arguments[0].

Did this for the Row. 

Yes, you can do that as well.

Yep… that’s my fault. I was working on those docs, but got pulled off onto another project. My original goals were indefinitely delayed, but I never updated the docs. I’ll do so now.

JD has been duly flogged.  Now back to business as usual.