Page title buttons not processing Merge Syntax (7.19)

The field Likes__c is in the model and has a value of 1:

The pagetitle component is set to the Question model (first row shown above), and the button is set to display the Likes__c field via merge syntax:

But this is what I get in runtime:

If I put the same merge syntax in the title or subtitle, they work.

This is a regression in Banzai Update 3. We are working to address.

Pagetitle rendering conditions and pagetitle button rendering conditions are also not processing merge syntax.

This will be fixed in Banzai Update 4.

Where are you using Merge syntax in Rendering Conditions?

Any idea when that will be released?

Ahh, I forgot that merge syntax doesn’t work in rendering conditions at all, correct?

I’m looking for a “field from another model” rendering condition.

Working for tomorrow… 

The fix for this is now available in Banzai Update 4, on the Skuid Releases page.

I think this regression is back in at least 8.11 through 8.15.4.