Page stopped working and has Skuid JavaScript Error - Unclosed tag at 17

I went to demo some pages in a sandbox recently. Of the three I demoed, the two I had been working on recently were fine. I went to preview one I hadn’t touched in a couple of weeks and it would not render anything. Just shows the Salesforce header and footer and nothing in the middle. The page contains a queue and a page include of another page with tab set. The included page will render fine. When I open up firebug, I see this error in the page that isn’t rendering:

Error: Unclosed tag at 17

skuid__SkuidJS (line 2, col 3603)

Any ideas how to get my page back?


Did you change the name of page in the page include?

Hi Chris,

This is caused by errors in Merge Syntax somewhere in the page. To try to get your page back, go to the Page Composer, click on “Versions” and see if there have been any recent edits to the page. If so, try clicking the “Restore” row action next to a recent Auto-Save version. 

Hi Zach, thanks for the input. Ben helped me track down the problem in the DevZone yesterday (bummed I didn’t see you!). It was the unfortunate case of a “)” that should have been in “}” in a triple-bracket in the links for the queue records. Uff…That was pretty hard to get any insight on from the JS error.

BTW, the other issue we ran into that doesn’t seem to be a Skuid issue but a Salesforce issue is that a page with the Chatter component seems to not be able to render unless the Salesforce header is included. It’d be great to not have a dependency on the salefsorce header for using Chatter. Is there any existing idea or issue we can support to get that promoted and resolved?