Page startup VERY slow first time and missing Client-side caching flag

Skuid Platform
When I startup a page for the first time after it’s been dormant for a while, it takes an extremely long time (~1 minute) before it ends in an Odata error. When I refresh the page, it then immediately shows my page. When I set the page to caching, I get this prompt:

The checkbox “Process Model Client-Side” doesn’t seem to exist under my advanced tab. If I select OK here, I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

Not sure where the disconnect is.

What data sources are you connecting to on your page? 
Do you have many models on your page or not that many? How about fields in your models?
Do you mind posting a screenshot of the Odata error and / or any errors you see in the browser console?

You can check out a doc here about page caching and loading models client-side. I think you actually found an interesting instance where we were in the middle of changing some page properties on our Platform, which is why you could cache the page but models didn’t have the option to be loaded client-side. I don’t think that page caching is an option on platform anymore, though let me know if you still see it and I just missed it. 

Hi Amy,
I’ve decided to go a different direction and won’t be using Skuid.  This, and all my other cases, can be closed.