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Hi There While using skuid pages we have noticed that the refresh functionality is not happening well. We need to manually refresh the page several times until we get to see the data expected. In one instance, it was showing ‘Loading’ but nothing was happening at all. We are using skuid page list views. Any suggestion/ recommendation how can we refresh pages e.g. clicking on the tab, opening this page. Does it need to be something in javascript ? Thanks and regards Daniel

Hi Daniel, when you refresh the page and it doesn’t behave correctly, do you get any javascript errors in the console? If you’re using chrome you can get to the console by clicking on “three bars icon” and then going to tools and then “javascript console”. Also, what version of Skuid do you have installed?

Hi Ben, Thanks for your reply. Our skuid version is: 2.32 Sometimes we do get the following erros (as per image), but other times nothing happens at all, we dont get our page(s) loaded. Im not sure if this can be related to the other question that I raised related to the number of Iframes that we are using. Regards, Dan

Hi all,

if you need it in javascript  use location.reload(); is fine i think so…

Hi All,

We have similar issue in tab refresh in a detail page, Can anyone suggest me how this can be solved.

Where i can add “location.reload()” code under page, if this resolved the issue.

Suresh Kailas

You’ll need to create a javascript snippet like below.

You’ll then need to create an action on your save button like the one I’ve created below. When you test this you’ll see the page refresh once the record has been saved, and then you’ll see it appear in the related list.


I have a wizard component and have steps that require refreshes to see the result of workflows and process on prior steps. Is there a way to load these pages and directed the browser to show the same wizard step after refresh? It always defaults back to step one of the wizard.