page preview broken in lightning

Strange. Only in this one client org w/ 11.1.10. My org has same version without any issues.

Hi Pat! I’m sure you have already checked, but just to be certain, have you looked into your permissions in the client Org that is exhibiting this behavior? I don’t see this in my personal Org, and given that your Org is on the same version without issues, it leads me to think it might be permissions related… I’d start there and see if you might be able to root out what may be “different” between your Org and your client Org? 

Here is our doc about License and Permissions: I’m sure you are well aware of this, but sharing in the event it might be helpful for a viewer of this post down the road! :slight_smile:

No dice on difference between orgs. Profile has access to all VF and APEX, Full Accesss to Page object.


Thanks for the reply Pat! Regarding Skuid specifics between the two - your permissions to Skuid match as well? For example your account in both Orgs has the same Skuid permission sets? Are there other Skuid “builders” in the client Org, and if so do they run into the same behavior? 

Dunno if they match. I have every permission set assigned to my user. Everyone is experiencing the same behaviour.

Circling back here Pat – In your video, it is a little tough to see the exact message you received when trying to preview the page, could you share that here please?

Also, are all fo these pages that existed prior to the 11.1.10 upgrade? I’m also curious if creating a new, very basic page will allow for previewing? Is the behavior different if you click preview within the page builder as opposed to via the page list?

huhwhat! New pages preview just fine!

This is a new org with pages imported from another org and from Skuid CRM package. What’s going on here?