page no longer loading

Suddenly contact detail pages are no longer loading…opened up dev tools console…

This was also in dev tools console…

Clone the page and start stripping it down piece by piece until it starts to work. I like saving directly in the versions page titling with I’ve just removed.

Any luck?

I just rolled back to a prior version. Not really sure what caused the crash though, I had only made minor changes…adding a few fields and changing a UI-only formula field…

Is there a particular thing that adding it makes it fail? Any luck isolating it? 

And the classic question: what version are you on?

Hi Stephen, no unfortunately I wasn’t able to isolate it. The only changes I remember making before it crashed were adding picklist field, a text box field (with validation rule), and changing a UI-only formula field. I think I accidentally left in an extra pair of mustache brackets on a merge-field syntax when I did the UI-only formula…but wasn’t really able to figure out what exact change caused it. Anyways, I rolled back to a prior version, got it working, and then re-made the changes and it worked out.

I’m glad you have it up and working. If you ever find out what it was, let us know. We’d love to be able to keep that from happening on the back end.